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Refinance Home Loans

Home Loan rates are near all-time lows. It's a great time to refinance your home!

All loans subject to credit approval.

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Is it time to upgrade your home loan?

Refinancing your home loan is a great option to reduce your monthly payment and pay off your loan faster. We’ll help you crunch the numbers to determine if refinancing is a good choice for you.

All loans subject to credit approval.

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MidWestOne A couple that benefitted from our refinance home loan lending Dubuque, IA

Is refinancing right for you?

It’s important to consider your unique situation and your long-term plans before you embark on the refinancing process. Refinancing may be right if you:

  • want to reduce the number of loan payments remaining
  • want to consolidate your mortgage debt
  • need cash for major purchases
  • want to adjust your loan term
  • planning to renovate
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Happy family enjoying their home purchased with a mortgage from MidWestOne Bank.

Refinance Benefits

  • Better rate - If mortgage rates have fallen since you took out your loan, you can often save money by refinancing. Also, you may qualify for a lower rate if your credit score has improved.
  • Lower monthly payments – You can reduce your monthly payments with a lower rate or by extending your loan term.
  • More predictable costs - If you currently have an ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage), you may choose to refinance to a fixed-rate loan to lock in your rate.
  • Shorten your term – By reducing your loan term, you can realize substantial interest savings and will quickly build equity.
  • Borrow money - You can borrow against your home equity to obtain funds for any purpose.

Loans are subject to credit approval.

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