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ACH Services

ACH Solutions for Your Business

Easily manage and schedule your payments with ACH Services from MidWestOne Bank.

  • ACH services allow you to make and receive payments from any bank in the country for your business fast and without the hassle or delay of paper checks.
  • Millions of payments are processed by ACH every day, and it is one of the most efficient methods of managing and controlling your cash flow.
  • With ACH services through MidWestOne Bank, you have the flexibility to schedule payments in advance or schedule them last-minute.
  • By taking advantage of Same Day ACH with MidWestOne Bank, you can have your payment settle the same day.*

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*ACH transactions must be received by established cutoff times and be within the maximum dollar amount permitted for Same Day ACH in order to be processed, received, and settled on the same banking day.

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Get off to a great start with ACH Services from MidWestOne.

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Contact us to get connected with our experienced Treasury Management team to begin the enrollment process.

**Subject to applicable credit approval and deposit account requirements

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Sign In

Easily sign in to Online Cash Manager (OCM) directly from the homepage of

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Access the ACH module

Click the “Payments & transfers” option, then click “ACH” to access the ACH module.

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Send a new ACH deposit or withdrawal

Click “New payment” to send ACH deposits or click “New collection” to send ACH withdrawals.

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Video a demo of our Online Cash Manager service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do each of the different file statuses mean?

Disapproved = Indicates the transfer was disapproved (i.e. rejected) by MidWestOne Bank at the request of the client and the transfer will not be processed. Transfers may also be disapproved if the file is unbalanced (i.e. the credit and debit totals do not match).

File not originated = Indicates the transfer was not processed. This may be due to insufficient funds, the transfer is a duplicate transfer, or the transfer failed limit checks. 

Partial origination = Indicates the transfer was successfully submitted, although the system has extracted one or more of the batches in the ACH file (e.g may occur when an ACH file contains multiple batches, and the batches contain different Effective Entry Dates). 

Pending origination = Indicates the transfer has been successfully submitted, approved (if applicable), and is awaiting processing. Files in this status can still be changed or deleted before final processing. 

Processed = Indicates the system has finished processing the transfer. The transfer can no longer be changed or deleted. 

Recurring Entry = Indicates the transfer is set to automatically repeat at a set transfer frequency selected by the client. 

Resubmit Required: System was Unavailable = Indicates the system did not complete the transfer. This status is the result of a communication interruption between associated systems. 

Saved = Indicates the client saved the transfer for future use within the ACH Manager system. Saving a transfer simply saves the information, but it does not process the transfer. 

Transfer Exceeds Review: Pending Approval = Indicates the transfer is either undergoing fraud anomaly detection review by MidWestOne Bank and/or is pending client approval (for clients with dual control requirements). 

User Deleted = Indicates the transfer has been deleted by the client

How long does it take an ACH transfer to process?

MidWestOne Bank offers Same Day ACH origination, which allows you to submit ACH transfers and have them be processed on the same banking day, including being received and posted to the Receiver’s account the same day, as long as the transfer is submitted by the established cutoff times and within the maximum dollar limit permitted by the Nacha Operating Rules. Traditional ACH allows for you to submit ACH transfers that will be received and posted to the Receiver’s account as early as the next banking day.

Will MidWestOne Bank ever contact me regarding the status of my ACH transfers?

Yes, you may be contacted by MidWestOne Bank regarding the status of ACH transfers you submit. We may have to contact you if the results of our fraud anomaly detection indicate there are elevated risk factors. In these situations, we may contact you at our discretion to confirm the payment details before completing the transfer. Please note that MidWestOne Bank will NEVER ask for your login credentials used to access Online Cash Manager during these situations.

What are the cutoff times for submitting ACH files?

Future dated ACH files can be submitted until 5:00 pm CT, and Same Day ACH files can be submitted until 12 pm CT. You must be signed up to originate Same Day ACH files, and entries are subject to the qualifications set forth in the Nacha Operating Rules to be eligible to be processed the same day.

What happens if I submit an ACH transfer that exceeds my daily limit?

ACH files that exceed your daily limit will be rejected by the system. You will receive a message within ACH Manager stating the file has exceeded the limit and will not be originated. The users at your company who are set up to receive email notifications from ACH Manager will also receive an email stating the file won’t be originated. Please contact our Treasury Management Support team at 855-696-2265 or to request a temporary limit increase if you have a need to submit an ACH that exceeds your limit. We will contact you to inform you whether the limit increase was approved and if the file can be re-submitted.

How can I stay up to date about ACH Rule changes that impact my business?

MidWestOne Bank sends periodic email newsletters with a brief explanation of upcoming changes to the Nacha Operating Rules that may impact your business, although you can also review information about all upcoming ACH Rule changes on Nacha’s website by clicking here. Additionally, you can sign up to receive news about the ACH Rules by clicking here to access information about the ACH Rules and scrolling to the very bottom of the page. Enter your name, email address, and company name to sign up for free today.

What is the Effective Entry Date?

The Effective Entry Date is the date provided by the Originator of an ACH transaction that indicates the date the company wants to have the payment settled (i.e. the “wish date”) and be posted to the Receiver’s account. The Effective Entry Date will generally be the date the payment will settle if the file is submitted in accordance with established cutoff times, is not a stale dated (i.e. a date that has already passed), etc.


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