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Notice of Change in Terms Updates

Effective July 31, 2020

This is a notice of changes to the Terms and Conditions of your account with us. Effective 30 calendar days after we sent this notice to you, the following terms and conditions shall govern your account(s). Continued use of your account(s) after receipt of these terms and conditions constitutes acceptance of, and agreement to, the terms and conditions.

Deposit Term and Conditions disclosure changes effective on July 31, 2020. Click Here to review the full Deposit Terms and Conditions.


  • A Temporary Debit Authorization Hold Affects Your Account Balance section
    •  The example at the end of section was removed.
  • Overdrafts section
    • The word ‘discretionary’ was added for further clarification in the following sentence: We can change our practice of paying, or not paying, discretionary overdrafts on your account without notice to you.

SETOFF (pg. 6):

  • This following reference related to the Military Lending Act was removed for Iowa, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado and Wisconsin: …or setoff is prohibited by the Military Lending Act or its implementing regulations.


  • The following bullet was removed:
    • Your consent does not authorize us to contact you for telemarketing purposes (unless you otherwise agreed elsewhere)
  • The following bullet was added:
    • Your consent is voluntary and not conditioned on the purchase of any product or service from us.
    • The statement ‘…by virtue of an existing business relationship…’ was added to further clarify the following sentence: With the above understandings, you authorize us to contact you regarding your account throughout its existence using any telephone numbers or email addresses that you have previously provided to us by virtue of an existing business relationship or that you may subsequently provide to us.

Please reach out to your personal banker if you have any additional questions or concerns on your deposit account.