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ACH Manager Update

We are excited to announce ACH Manager will be updated Friday, April 26th. In preparation of this change, we have updated our click-through demo with the new ACH Manager interface. Additionally, our Online Cash Manager demonstration video* has been updated with the new ACH Manager interface. Please review these resources at your convenience to learn more about the ACH Manager update.

*Click ACH in the video navigation menu and then click Getting Started to view ACH Manager information.

update key highlights include:

  • ACH Manager will continue to be accessed by clicking ACH within the Payments & Transfers screen in Online Cash Manager
  • Previous ACH activity and history will remain available in the system after the upgrade
  • When the ACH Manager interface is accessed, up to the 20 most recent ACH transactions are automatically displayed on the Activity tab
  • Updated search functions on the right side of the screen will allow you to limit or expand your results based on a variety of criteria
  • A new ACH transaction can be created by simply clicking New Payment, New Collection, or Import File (NACHA or Non-NACHA)
  • To create a new ACH using an existing transaction, click Copy from the existing transaction to create a new transfer
  • To change an ACH transaction that has not completing processing, simply click the Edit button on the transfer you want to edit
  • If you want to delete a file, click the Delete option
  • The Edit and Delete buttons will only appear on transactions eligible to be edited or deleted
  • To create a recurring file entry, check the Repeat box in an ACH file to create a recurring entry
  • ACH files requiring approval will be displayed on the Online Cash Manager home page for users with approval permission.
  • The button to process an ACH file has changed – The Process button has been replaced with a Complete ACH button

Please contact our Treasury Management Support Team at or 855-696-2265 if you have any questions.